The reach of Homeopathy

Homeopathy during pregnancy and delivery

Pregnancy is a very special moment in every woman’s life. Living a healthy lifestyle during the months of pregnancy is a major determinant to the health of one’s child. Homeopathic treatment can be very helpful in dealing with common discomforts during pregnancy like nausea and vomiting (morning sickness), heartburn, constipation and food cravings. Homeopathic medicines can be of great assistance in childbirth, with no danger of doing any harm. Read more here.

Ideal for infants and children

Most of the children ailments like cold, cough, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, colic, tonsillitis, chronic ear infections, measles, mumps, chickenpox, whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, dentition problems, etc., can be very effectively and quickly treated with Homeopathy without producing any side effects whatsoever.

In addition, Homeopathy is an effective alternative to behavior disorders of children, like irritability, temper tantrums, phobias, thumb sucking, nail biting, and bed-wetting. Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, Selective Mutism and Autism spectrum disorders can benefit from the homeopathic treatment.

Allergic diseases

Homeopathy offers effective treatment in many allergic disorders like asthma, urticaria, hay fever, eczema, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis.

Allergic patients treated with Homeopathy will usually experience a reduction in the intensity (symptom improvement), reduction in the frequency of the symptoms as well as tolerance to factors such as pollen, dust and other factors which trigger the allergic attack. Furthermore, Homeopathic treatments helps in reducing the use of corticosteroids.

Excellent for psychosomatic ailments

Psychosomatic disorders like migraine, asthma, acidity, peptic ulcer, allergy, ulcerative colitis and so on are successfully treated with Homeopathy.

Perhaps no other system of medicine has such a superb approach of tackling the mind-body disorders with definite therapeutic agents. Homeopathic medicines are capable of influencing the state of mind. They can specifically act to alleviate emotional disturbance such as excessive anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy, suspicion (paranoid) fears, depression, neurosis and so on.

By relieving the above-mentioned emotions, homeopathic medicines bring a harmonious state of health. Thus Homeopathy demonstrates the possibility of the highest goal of medicine, the therapy of the person rather than for the disease alone.

Success in the treatment of viral infections

Viral infections such as common cold, influenza, measles, chickenpox, mumps, viral hepatitis, viral meningitis and etc. are very well treated with Homeopathy.

Who can be treated with Homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment:

  • is suitable for all ages;
  • is suitable for patients who have a disease where there is no effective conventional treatment;
  • is useful when there are several co-existing conditions;
  • is suitable for patients who cannot take conventional treatment for safety reasons e.g. pregnancy / breastfeeding;
  • is particularly useful when response to conventional treatment is poor or costly;
  • is suitable for sensitive patients who are unable to take conventional treatment because of side effects;
  • can be used alongside conventional treatment and does not interact with conventional medicines;
  • is not a substitute for diseases where surgery is more appropriate, in place of hormone deficiencies or as the principal treatment for cancer. However, many patients find Homeopathy beneficial in treating the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy;
  • may also be used to assist the body’s recovery following surgery;
  • is often of benefit to patients with “medically unexplained symptoms” when conventional approaches have not helped, e.g. apprehension on the solar plexus. This is an ever expanding area which many GPs can relate to and has recently been described as “effectiveness gaps”.